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Check Writer III

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Sans serif fonts
do not have finishing strokes on the arms, arm stems and tails of characters. Such design has been observed in history , noticeably with some uncial calligraphy. First type design was created by William Caslon IV in 1816. It was so surprising to typographers, at first, that they called it "grotesque". It is also originally referred to as "English Egyptian", and sometimes called "Gothic" in United States. This style of typeface was rendred particularly popupar by the work of the Bauhaus, and early 20th Century German art movement who created most modern design. Sans serif fonts are used to set text, but seldom for long passages, because an alleged lack of legibility. Most newspapers use sans-serif fonts for titles, but increasingly, news magazines tend to set their main text in sans serif. A good rule of thumb is to use sans serif for titles when text is set in serif, or the opposite.


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Sans serif typefaces
Sans serif

There have been extensive studies on type to determine which factors influence different aspects of reading, such as reading speed, retention of information, recognition of letterforms, etc. Interestingly, these studies show that in our culture and in our era, serif typefaces are easier to read when there is a lot of text, but sans serif letterforms are more instantly recognizable when there is a small amount of text. Sans serif characters tend to be direct and clear, with no serifs to add unnecessary tidbits to the shape.

From The Non-Designer's Type Book : Insights and Techniques for Creating Professional-Level Type by Robin Williams

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