Who are these people ? What business is behind these screens ? Is it safe to do business with them ? These are questions any web surfer had at least once about web sites, before doing any purchase online. Just as, probably, for any new company you want to do business with, online or not. And you are right to ask them. Here are all details.

Match Software
2207 Concord Pike # 816
Wilmington, DE 19803

  • How long have you been in business ?

We have been in business for quite a while, at least in this brand new industry. The name "Match Software" appeared for the first time in the September issue of Byte, in 1987. We used to run very tiny ads for a utility called "Match-a-Printer", which helped PC users cope with their printers. Shortly after, "MatchFonts" came to life, a utility to get fonts from PC applications. Since then, we have mainly produced TrueType and PostScript fonts for Windows and other fine systems, following technological evolution. As standards emerge, we are today primarily producing fonts for Windows and Mac OS X as well as Linux. We have coded all our fonts in Unicode, and OpenType technology, including Glyph Susbstitution and dynamic Roman script.

  • How can I check on your company ?

We are a proud member of the Association of Software Professionals, who stands for the highest professional ethics and quality, and provides arbitration in case of disagreement in the purchase of software products.

  • Who are your customers ?

We mainly serve individuals, through the Internet.

We do custom work for companies such as the aerospace industry, the electronics industry, desktop publishers and printers. We have created custom fonts for several application developers, serving specific needs, such as foreign language, or system fonts.

We can create any kind of font. Please contact us if your projects require a font you cannot find. We will create it for you.

  • Has the Press reviewed your fonts ?

Yes, indeed. Computer Shopper reviewed our Dactylographe font, and strongly recommended it, as a better replacement for Windows Courier New. Match Software has been mentioned in PC-News, PC Informatique, Microtimes, Compuserve Online Magazine, Wordperfect Magazine, etc.

  • Have you been referred by computer industry manufacturers ?

Yes, we have been recognized by the most prominent software and hardware manufacturers. We are mentioned on the Microsoft, IBM and Apple web sites. Microsoft has offered some of our evaluation samples on some of it's CD-ROM. Apple Computer has also provided our evaluation sample to computer buyers.

  • What kind of service do you offer as after-sale service ?

We offer online the same kind of service you would expect from any responsible walk-in store. We do our best to make sure to deliver what we advertise. In general, any reported problem is solved within 24 hours.

  • Is it safe to leave credit card informations on your site ?

Press reports have prompted some concern over the safety of credit card information left on some web sites using shopping carts improperly configured.

Our online delivery system DOES NOT USE A SHOPPING CART, but a specific host program developed especially for our online delivery system. The order pages are generated on the fly, at the instant you click on the Buy Online, Immediate Delivery button.

YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS NEVER STORED ON THE SITE, but sent directly to PayPal for treatment. It cannot be found in any files on the site, because we never have it !

All informations about your credit cards are processed directly on the PayPal pages, over an encrypted protocol layer (SSL). It is impossible for any third party (even us) to view any part of the information you send. When prompted for your credit card number, you will notice that the browser will show this :

MSIE Secured

Netscape secured (older versions of Netscape show this key)

You will also notice that the URL of the credit card information page starts with 'https://', and not 'http://', as usual.

Shopping at FontMenu.com is actually MUCH SAFER than buying over the telephone with a cordless handset, or a cellular phone. Always remember, before giving any sensitive information by phone, that any basic scanner can pick up most cordless phones, and non-digital cellular phones. And this goes for credit card information, as well as any personal identification, such as so often required by the banks or utilities companies. It is a wise precaution to always keep an"antique" cord phone handy, for such transactions

We will appreciate any suggestion tending to improve your shopping experience, or the security of our transactions.

If you still have questions, please email.














































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