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Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Check Writer III

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows or Mac.

Fact sheet offers hundreds of original typefaces and font families for Windows XP and more recent organized by categories and names.See full character map, download free fonts samples, purchase online and get the fonts immediately.


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Fonts troubleshooting
Here are some questions frequently asked about fonts, and the answers we where able to come up at the time.

Please remember, however, especially if you are new to computers, that in no way can teach you the basic use of your system. Neither would you expect a car gadget manufacturer to help you get a driver's license. Please refer to your system supplier manual, or if necessary hot line, if you feel some of the concepts we use are too complicated.
How do I install OpenType, TrueType and ATM fonts with Mac OS X ?
Double click on the font file. TrueType have the extension TTF, OpenType PostScript is OTF (in the OTF folder). Double click on the font, and then click "Install". If you have several fonts to install, launch the Font Book application, then drag and drop the font files into it.
How do I install OpenType, TrueType and ATM fonts under Windows ?
Open the "Fonts" control panel, and click Files/ "Add". Then, look for the font files where you copied or unpacked them. Select them, and click OK. You may install several fonts at the same time, simply by selecting them. You may also simply copy the TrueType and OpenType fonts into it.
Some of the words you are using on this site are quite unfamiliar to me.
Typography (the art of using type) is a real craftsmanship, and it takes years to master. One of the first challenge to anyone who really wants to venture in the world of fonts, is to the font words. Please see our Glossary for a quick course in font terminology.
I want a font made according to my specifications.
Please contact us for a quote.
How can I obtain a printout of a font?
Just use the evaluation versions provided on the site, to print at all sizes and as you see fit. If you like the result, the full commercial version is just a few clicks away.
In your Martian font, you placed a dot above the glipnol character, and forgot to put an accent above the weirdoo. It is unforgettable. I am furious and you are just as stupid as a bunch of lunar dogs ! You should be whipped, and give me my money back, too, plus maybe a little extra, because I suffered incredible damage to my much sophisticated sense of intellectual properness and inherent graceful sensitivity.
We are sorry not to know Martian as well as such a refined literate as your highness. Please do not blow your disintegrator at us, poor ridiculous clumsy uneducated filthy computer groomers. Please consider that ignorance may not be such a crime, after all, and have mercy for the less taught. If for any reason we committed a mistake in transcribing your native language, be assured it is not intentional. Please courteously provide us with the proper information, and we will make sure appropriate updates are made. All we know of, as humble and insignificant artisans, is the fonts craftsmanship. It is not our fault, then, if the subtleties of a foreign language do not strike us like light over the saint's head. However, we are bending our knees to the more educated. Thank you for helping us improve. At present time, our fonts have been thoroughly reviewed, so they satisfy our customers. Some have helped perfect already very nice fonts. But we appreciate any additional suggestion!
Why are you asking money for your fonts ? They should be free !
There is a strange curse around computer software, and especially fonts, these days. Nobody would ever consider getting a movie for nothing, or walking into a book store and demand a sample for free. For typefaces, however, the matter is quite different. So many people consider computer software piracy as no more than a light little mistake, that eventually, some may indeed start considering software authors as thieves, because they pretend to get a small reward for their job. Some luminaries are even toying with the very strange notion that computer software should only come free, and that any commercial distribution, including shareware, has some analogy to a rip-off. Open source if dandy when the tax payer has already footed the bill, and it sounds legiti;ate that research conducted with university grants return to the community. Fine and good, then, but why do they at the same time insist to get paid for their lectures, or to get royalties from their books ? Match Software is a small business based on shareware distribution. Anyone can browse at our productions in the same way a reader could read a book as many times and as completely as wished, before actually paying for it. Please do not pirate us. If you feel a font is really of use, please register. That small usage fee will help us continue creating new original, exclusive and fine fonts for you. We sincerely thank all users who have, through their registration, helped pay the rent, the phone, and the electricity which powers our equipment while creating all these fonts. Please continue to support the shareware concept. It is the only way out of the commercial monopolies. Small software companies defend your freedom to choose as much small book publishers do : without them, big companies would have their way, culturally and financially. Nobody would ever want that to happen !
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# 816
Wilmington, DE 19801

Non-Windows and old systems limited support
In the past, we have tried our best to support all systems and platforms, sometimes going out of our way to accomodate little used platforms, or systems that varied so often, it became impossible to satisfy end users.

Rather than to continue playing cat and mouse with esoteric software, we have elected a very simple solution : all fonts available here are sold for Windows XP and newer Windows systems. They may work under other platforms with some efforts, but we do not guarantee they will. If you plan on using our fonts on your machine, please take the time to download one of the free evaluation packages and play with it, so you are satisfied it is suited to your system BEFORE you pay for it. 

Now, please keep a sense of humor, and consider that having chosen a box that is not like any other may require some composure. After all, it is a privilege to use a computer that most laymen will never be able to buy, or understand. So live up to it. If you bought a Mac as a fashionable fortune living statement, please seek a consultant to install it for much less than what your butler costs, and consider redesigning the room to match it's color. If you bought a Mac because you already had an iPod, then imagine yourself trapped into a Reality TV show where you are the son of a has-been hard rock star, consider hardware as a disposable commodity and get a bumped-up, supercharged Intel thingy. If being a Mac owner is a major part of your life and spiritual belief, we bow to your act of faith and pay tribute to an inspired soul. We still keep a shrine to the Mac 128 alive here, and a lot of these fonts are born under an Apple mouse benevolent eye. This very text is typed on a Mac laptop, but please do not tell mom'. She still believes I use an Hermes typewriter.

Macintosh OS X, Panther and Tiger, will in general recognize immediately TTF fonts as their own, and the most recent versions gladly accept OpenType. The rule of thumb is, as usual with an Apple machine: if it opens by double-click, then it is compatible. ZIP compressed files should be opened without any trouble for all our evaluation fonts. Double click on the TTF in it, and OS X should not only show it to you, but offer to install it. Like Bang & Olufsen remarkable hi-fi systems, Macintosh personal computers are no longer the champions of incompatibility, but of ease of use and cocooning smooth splendor. With now an Intel heart, relish them not for their incongruities, but for their elegance, in a world where PCs still often look like cheap washing machines. You got yourself the Rolls Royce of personal computing. Now, act accordingly, and be mercyfull as a prince : please do not blame the calligrapher.

While the white boxes of Macintosh may have an angel color, Linux is the fruit of many, many alchemists conconctions. You knew it, did you not, before you installed that innocent looking Open Source disk into that poor Windows thing ? Now, with its double boot, it has become as strange as some old TV series and turned into an
Igor reincarnate from past tomorrows. It would not like little angels but will probably relish the Halloween dingbats or Silbooettes. Well, Linux is to computing what a revamped classic car is to a lot of students : amazement, wonder, frustration, fashion statement, definitly not the kind of thing a bimbo could drive. You might as well wear it proudly. By the way, and this is a delectable detail, this page is the result of work with an Open-Source editor, born under Linux, now available identically to all platforms : Nvu. Vive la différence !

Linux is a real delight for the connoisseur : it comes in more flavors than French wine or Indian spice. A true intellectual will wander the narrow corridors of a Library with a daring console, ready to face any danger, including snotty remarks in confidential forums and devilish system collapse. Gentleman coders will not be afraid to compulse volumes of parchemin, chasing the ever more elusive perfect fix to bugs as inventive as snorkeling snarks in the shadows of processes only known by wondrous wizards. 

Nostalgics of Dos and authentic CP/M Rimpoches will find their promised land in cryptic sets of commands entered at sundown, red-eyed by the midnight oil. Owlish figures will master languages that to APL are what once was Arhameic to brand new Romans. Shadows of a long line of programmers still slip through unknown routines underneath ever more innocent looking user interfaces. All that to say that it is humanely impossible to tell you in a nutshell how to install fonts under 10 versions of dozens of published incarnations of Linux. If you enjoy Linux for its complexity, and we do believe it maybe more enlightening than becoming obese in front of the TV, go right ahead and RTFM (Read The French Manual) to see what to do with the files.

If you are forced by your IT manager to use Linux, then drop the install problem on him. After all, he is paid to solve the consequences of his choices, right ? Oh, no... I did not know... So, who is handling data management now ? Uh oh. I see. A new merger ? uh... And the strange guy with pimples there is supposed to replace the whole team ? Oh yeah, right, lets keep it to adjascent cubicles...

You may also find that an increasing number of new Linux systems work as nicely as Mac OS X by a simple double-click on the font file. Well, after all, a Mac is also a Unix box (it would be highly improper to look under the hood).  

You may yet be still flying a venerable OS/2 system, or an equaly sanctified Windows 3.2 Intel 8088 biplan aeroplane over amazed kids. Perhaps using Mac OS with original versions of Suitcase like would a violonist a Stradivarius, for it has no modern equivalent. The author of these impertinent lines still remembers a pompous visit, circa 1972, to an IBM data processing center, where gracious ladies spent hours punching cards to be fed by techno-priests into the Moloch behind a glass wall. Cherish these relics of the past as they will never come back (nor will the $1.00 corner street movie theatre ticket). Let us face it : Pascal may have assembled a clock, some of us may have built a Radio-Shack crystal radio, Apple may have created the first PC with a screen back in the seventies, but kids today are born different. With two TVs, an innumerable number of accessories for their game console, they change cell phone more often than we used to buy 45 round vynil records. Soon, they will have their blue tooth port implanted directly into the brain and wonder how and why previous generations ever bothered to memorize anything in their puny biological brain. That is, if we have enough energy to power cell phones anymore. Can you picture yourself at an exam without access to the net ?

By the time this will be published on the site, anyway, new events in the ever accelerating world of cyberspace will have rendered these considerations as obsolete as a 5 years old cell phone. So, have fun and enjoy the ride. Good luck ! 

Acknowledgement :, and "Match Software" are intellectual property of Match Software. All other intellectual properties, such as Trademark and Brand Names mentioned in this document, belong to their respective holders.

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