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Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows.

Check Writer+

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Script typefaces, aka handwriting fonts, have been around for as long as typography itself. To some extent, italics are close to calligraphed material. But handwriting fonts of today have the advantage to use all the scanning technology, and flexibility of electronic type, to emulate closely human script. These fonts have been created from real handwriting.

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Handwriting fonts for Vista, XP, NT
Handwriting fonts app for Windows

Handwriting fonts are most amazing : they look like real script from a human hand, and can be used to create headlines, titles, or to write addresses on envelopes that look like they had been writtent by hand. These fonts can also assist disabled persons by enabling thems to produce handwritten documents, even though their hands are not steady enough anymore...

(The text above is using the Milko font)

This package contains 12 fonts. A sample of each font appears in the main window. Move up and down to see them all.

To see how a font will feel like in your favorite application, click on its picture. It will bring a new window where you will be able to type with it and see how your own sentences look.

Move the slider up and down to change the text size. You can also pinch, like you would with a picture.

Activate the fonts or save the font files

Once activated, you can use Handwriting Fonts in any standard word processor application, the same way you would of Arial or Times New Roman standard fonts. Simply chose one of these fonts into the Fonts menu of your favorite app.

You will be able to save the font files if needed.

This package contains fonts which have been created from real handwriting.

Charlotte, Louise, Mariette, Milko, Pierre, Quinze, Raoul and Thibault are contemporary casual writing.
They are great to generate documents that look like they had been written by hand : letters, mass-mailing envelopes (opened more often when handwritten), social labels, memos, etc...

Willegha, Willegha Bold, Willegha Bold Italic and Willegha Italic are a set of fine fonts representing the best of formal writing. They come from actual copperplate longhand writing, and are perfect for invitations, postcards, wedding anouncements, and all sorts of special occasions.

We hope you enjoy this pack of precisely created handwriting fonts. Now you can have real handwriting letters produced by simply typing on your PC . In an age of keyboards, this is quite a luxury. And no need for hours of training with a pen.

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