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Check Writer III

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Good DNealian font sets  or Zaner-Bloser font packages and material for education are here. For a teacher, it is important to elaborate coherent strategies, using tools flexible enough to adapt to the curriculum. School fonts have to conform to teachers and home schoolers needs. All these fonts do not require any additional software, and work with standard computers and software.

The typefaces presented here follow a logic of gradual discovery for reading and writing, starting with simple pictograms and games (dingbat fonts), then going on to block letters, and cursive handwriting. The block letter and cursive handwriting DNealian font sets are ideal to create your own worksheets. The addition of our exclusive Block2Cursive style makes transition between Block Letters and Cursive Handwriting amazingly easy and logical.

The very distinguished Outline style for Zaner-Bloser work sheets is close to impossible to create by hand. Yet, it is here, quite useful for big examples as well as books.

With these DNealian fonts, Zaner-Bloser fonts (Manuscript and Cursive Writing style) and dingbat fonts, available for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Macintosh OS X, Linux and other Windows or OS2 systems, teachers and homeschoolers will be able to easily prepare their own exercises and lessons, with the vocabulary and presentation they choose.

We welcome suggestions for more education packages and educative font material.


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Education fonts

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DNMethod exclusive 32 fonts collection for D'Nealian™ Block Letters to D'Nealian™ Cursive Handwriting with exclusive transition style Block2Cursive

See through this small samples the extensive variety of styles available to create your own D'Nealian™ work sheets. Click on the picture to see the complete 32 fonts collection in bigger size. Please note the exclusive Heavy style that can be used for Teacher notes and questions.

DNBlock font for dnealian Block Letters exercises

DNBlock Guided font for dnealian lined work sheets

DNBlock Dotted font for dnealian dotted exercises

DNBlock Heavy font for teacher writing in dnealian work sheets

DNBlock2Cursive is an exclusive font created to facilitate transition between block Letters and Cursive Handwriting. What the students already know (Block Letters) is solid, and what they have to learn to create Cursive Handwriting (links and new letterforms) is dotted.

DNBlock2Cursive font for dnealian transition between block letters and cursive

DNBlock2Cursive Guided font for dnealian worksheets

DNBlock2Cursive Arrows font for dnealian arrows worksheets

DNCursive font for dnealian Cursive Handwriting worksheets

DNCursive Guided font for dnealian cursive handwriting lined work sheets

DNCursive Dotted for dnealian cursive handwriting dotted worksheets

DNCursive Heavy font for dnealian cursive handwriting teacher notes abnd questions in worksheets and exercises

Learning Block Letters Handwriting (K2) for DNealian worksheets

D'Nealian compatible block letter fonts typefaces - Click on the font to see the pack.

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ZMethod complete 30 fonts collection for Zaner-Bloser© Manuscript (Circle-and-Stick print) to Cursive Writing

See through this small sample the extensive variety of styles available to create your own Zaner-Bloser© work sheets. Click on the pictures to see the complete 30 fonts collection in bigger size.

ZNuscript solid style font for Zaner-Bloser Manuscript wortk sheets

ZNuscript Guided font for Zaner-Bloser Manuscript lined work sheets

ZNuscript Dotted font for Zaner-Bloser dotted work sheets

ZNuscript Heavy exclusive font for Zaner-Bloser work sheets to write questions or teacher's indications

ZNuscript Outline font for Zaner-Bloser work sheets and books

Our exclusive ZWriting font for Zaner-Bloser© Cursive Writing worksheets links automatically as you type and is very easy to use to create your own exercises. Choose phrases and quotes yourself for the best curiculum. New styles such as Heavy and Outline can help build a better set of examples and is rarely found elsewhere. Here are a few of the fonts included in the complete method.

ZWriting font for Zaner-Bloser Cursive Handwriting worksheets
ZWriting Guided for Zaner Bloser Cursive Writing lined work sheets
ZWriting Dotted font for Zaner-Bloser Cursive Writing Dotted worksheets
ZWriting Heavy font for Zaner-Bloser Cursive Writing work sheets to write teacher notes and questions
ZWriting Outline font for Zaner-Bloser worksheets

Learning Handwriting Letters (K2-Grade 2-6) for Zaner-Bloser ® worksheets

Stick and circle guided lettres Zaner-Bloser

Our Letters typeface offers a family of eight font styles, suited to all exercise sheets and workbooks: plain, dotted, with tracing arrows, dotted with arrows, with or without guidelines.

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Skryptaag Cursive typeface family

Skryptaag typeface, a beautiful script typeface family. Click here to see the full font family. Free sample typeface.

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Willegha typeface family

English cursive or English Round is the origin of most slanted Cursive Handwriting todayEnglish cursive, or "English round", or "Anglaise" in France, has been taught to generations of children as unique method since the 18th Century. It was practiced with a copperplate pointy quill, and took several years to master. Control of slant, and mastering of the quantity of ink necessary to nicely get thin and heavy strokes in elegant curves was an art into itself. Not enough ink, and the heavy strokes ran out of ink. Too much ink, and it dripped all the sudden and splat on the paper. After a while, though, each student developped valuable calligraphy skills and could hold style for hours. This method was dropped altogether with china ink wells full of purple ink, right after World War 2. In America, Palmer Business Writing was at the same time a reaction against English Round, and an adaptation. While abandonning the quill, it remained slanted and a bit ornamented. Emphasis was also put on using the whole body to produce curves, to alleviate Carpel-Tunnel syndrome (painful wrist), familiar to handwriters. A first step towards ergonomics, at the time Tailorism aimed to improve productivity by better accomodating human gesture. All current methods more or less inherit from English Cursive. The closest one, directly based upon Palmer, is today Zaner-Bloser Cursive Writing.

Willegha is our version of English Round also named English Cursive and Ecriture a l'Anglaise. It requires a pointy quill, and finely tuned skills to produce elegant and regular calligraphy. It has been taucgh from the 18th Century up to the mid 20th Century

Kindergarten - Pre-reading

Kindergarten typefaces - Click on the font to see the pack.

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Morse code

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