Check Writer III+

Check Writer+

Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Check Writer III

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows or Mac.


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Downloading assistance

We do our best to make sure using is as simple as clicking around. Most of the time, all you have to do to get the files available on this site on your disk, is to click on the link. Your internet browser software will take care of all that is needed.

You may still feel unsure, or have questions, because you never did it before, or because some unexpected error happened. You will find here useful advice and support.

    • The file server did not connect

Our files are placed on a different server than the web site itself. Although rare, it happens that the other host is down, while you still access without any problem this page. Bookmark ( add to favorites) this page, and come back to it later. In general, down time does not exceed 1 hour, and usually much less.

    • I get a "file not found" or "Error 404" message when I click

This means that for some reason, the file is not at the place it is supposed to be. Computer glitch or simple bug, it should not happen. We apologize for this. Please report the name of the file you tried to download, and we will fix the problem as fast as we can.

    • I get garble on the screen, instead of the file.

You must press Shift (Option on the Macintosh), while you click on the desired file.

    • Downloading/Unpacking/Troubleshooting

Normaly, just click on the desired file, and it should automatically download to your disk. If you get a page with strange looking characters on it, instead of the file you wanted, it could mean your browser does not support binary download. Or that it was not set properly. Most browsers can be set for binary download of a link. See further down how to do it, from one of the most popular browsers, Netscape. For others, you may want to check the setup or preferences options of the browser.
If it still does not work, and as a last resort, you may want to note the adress of the link, which shows when you ppoint the file, and pick up the file by ftp, with an ftp program.

  • Step-by-step binary download with Netscape or Internet Explorer.

1 - Click on the file, with the right button, until a menu appears (maintain the button down on the Macintosh):

2 - In the next dialog, specify "Source", and eventually a file name :

3 - During download, you get a gauge box, indicating the progress of the file transfer.

The presentation of menus may change according to platform and version, but commands will remain the same.

  • Unpacking ZIP archives

The archives on this site have been compacted, using the latest version of WinZip. Some older versions of PZUnzip may not be able to unpack these archives. Furthermore, the Windows interface and the commodities found in Winzip are such a treat, you do not want to stick to passé Dos versions.

Download the latest version of Winzip at their web site :

    • Unpacking Binhex/Stuffit archives

The Mac archives on this site have been compacted, using the latest version of Stuffit Lite, then Binhexed. You can find the best decompression tool around, Stuffit Expander, at their web site :

This great utility will unpack all the archive, both the Binhex part, and the Stuffit one.

    • I have downloaded a Macintosh package, and Stuffit says it cannot unpack
      because it does not have the password

When Stuffit encounters an archive within a Binhexed file, it not only extracts the content of the Binhex, but also tries to extract the archive within. As the archive we provide has been encrypted, Stuffit cannot unpack, and reports an error. What you need to do, is to look for the extracted archive, for instance oloron_program.sea, and double-click on it. After giving it the place where you want the files extracted, it will prompt you for the password

    • Can I download Mac archives from a PC ?

Sometimes, one has to use a cyber café, university computer lab, company system, or other PC-based facility, to access the internet, while using a Mac at home. It becomes difficult to download files, because some vital informatkion is not retained when downloading opn a PC, and transfering to the Mac. We are using Binhex. The beauty of the Binhex system, is that it translates the binary data necessary to a Mac into text files (.hqx), which you can download with a PC, place on a disk, and later unpack on your Mac with Stuffit Expander. Of course, you may have to rename the files to the 8 characters name, 3 characters extension PC limitations. For instance 'Halloween_TT.sit.hqx', will have to be renamed 'HALOWEEN.HQX' for the PC to record it. Please remember, though : these fonts cannot work on the PC.

    • Can I download PC archives to a Mac ?

Sometimes,one has to use a Mac to access the Internet, and a PC at home, or on the road. Many users have a Macintosh desktop, and a PC-based laptop. It also happens that universities and school computer labs are equiped with Macintosh computers, and student`s use PC laptots. All PC archives can be downloaded through a Macintosh computer, then transfered to the PC on disk or through a network. Sometimes, the browser is configured to use Stuffit Expander after download to automatically expand archives. Make sure to copy the original compacted file (EXE or ZIP) rather than the extracted files.

If you still did not get the information you need , please write in, and we will do all we can to help.

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