Check Writer III+

Check Writer+

Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Check Writer III

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows or Mac.

Fact sheet

The very first type invented in Europe was used for printing the Bible. It is no surprise, then, that Angels, who inspire, guide and protect us, have their own fonts. Gradually, this section will see new spiritual fonts, meant to illustrate prayer books, poems, affirmations, an altogether enhance and inspire graphic work. Angels fonts, in particular, are good for the spirit. Get you blessing today : download your free angel font !
The Angel Pack contains 5 different exclusive angel fonts. Each of them has been patiently crafted to enhance your best creations and projects.
  • Angelots
Drop-case letters, ideal for manuscript-like chapters, proverbs, prayers, etc.
  • Angelots-Lite
Drop-case letters, with just a little angel picture
  • Sceaux
Each angel has a very special seal, his own magical signature. Use them to enhance your life or other's, and study this revealing path to the ancient esoteric secrets. Each angel is believed to dominate a particular span of time along the zodiacal year.
  • Seraphiques
Angel's pictures, excellent to illustrate any kind of document, from prayers to proverbs, invitations, etc. Keys A-Z contain pictures from classical angel representations to lighter Cupid representations.
  • Talismans
Each angel is believed to govern a particular zodiacal sign. Each has his own talisman, one can wear to protect from bad influences, or enhance one's luck, health, and general well-being. Great to create jewels and perform magical cleansing rituals. 


Technical requirements

(all versions
3.2 and up) or
Mac OS X
(all versions).

A high resolution printer (300 dpi minimum, 600 dpi and over preferable).

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Windows and Mac OS X angel fonts

Spiritual fonts

$5.95 only instant download

Buy and download the Baby Face family font in minutes

But the bits of information handled by typographers differ in one essential respect from the computer in one essential respect from the computer programmer's bits. Wether the type is set in hard metal by hand, or in softer metal by machine, or in digital form on paper or film, every comma, every parenthesis, every e, and in context, even every empty space, has style as well as bald symbolic value. Letters are microscopic works of art as well as useful symbols. They mean what they are as well as what they say.

From "The elements of typographic Style", by Robert Bringhurst.


Angelots typeface - Click on the font to see a full character set.

Angelots Lite

Angelots Lite typeface - Click on the font to see a full character set.


Sceaux typeface - Click on the font to see a full character set.


Séraphiques typeface - Click on the font to see a full character set.



5 fonts
Price : $5.95, including TrueType and PostScript.



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