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Fact sheet

One afternon, a charming Korean gentleman called me, because he wanted a sans serif font "very thin". I designed what I thought he wanted, but he kept asking for thinner. Here is one of the very final copies. I gathered that what he was doeing was very, very fine marking on textile. More recently, the topic of fonts so thin that they could not be photocopied at small size was raised. I think ike1 would be a good candidate. A size small enough that stroke width is well under what most printers understand, and only typesetting (press would probably print it correctly).
I had to display a comparison with one of my current sans serif font, Parlante, to see the drastic difference of aspect. For technical reasons pertaning to the pityfyl resolution of screen , I did not even atempt small print.

Technical requirements

(all versions) or
Mac OS X
(all versions).

A high resolution printer (300 dpi minimum, 600 dpi and over preferable).

These typefaces are hinted and kerned, and suited for any kind of printing work. They have been used by famous European printers to set text, using typesetting equipment. offers hundreds of original typefaces and font families organized by categories and names.See full character map, download free fonts samples, purchase online and get the fonts immediately.
The small print controversy
Such fonts can be used for rather convoluted legalese blocks of text at the bottom of insurance contracts, and often would require a pair of strong binoculars to be legible at point five. Some designers went as far as raise a problem of ethics for font designers who would dare venturing into ultra-thin.
As makers of fonts, we do not condone the use of our tools for questionnable business practices, but must point out that like any technological object, fonts can be used to create art, as well as other things. To write honest books and articles, or to concoct the most outrageous half-truths, inuendos, or even blatant lies. Don't blame the pencil, could we paraphrase...
Not all classical fonts are used to set Shakespare or Marcel Proust, and are in fact more often used to promote vulgar make up, cheap perfume, altogether tasteless or uninteresting things. If you decide to print questionnable legalese at the bottom of your contracts, or barely readable warning on boxes of dangerous products, please consider that you, yourself, could be the victim of such practices.
On a lighter note, ultra-thin typefaces have many other uses, pertaining to art such as creating repetitive motives, or giant letters, such as neon signs.
Signage houses will also appreciate the very thin construction of this face to cut plastic with, as single stroke formats (such as Adobe Type 3) have now disapeared and pose problem to pilot plastic cutters.

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family of ten thin and ultra-thin fonts that can be used to prevent copy, or set small print blocks

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Ike 1

Ike 1 complete character set

Ike 2

Ike 2 ultra-thin font character set

Ike 3

Ike 3 Ultra-thin font character set

Ike 4

Ike 4 Ultra-thin font character set

Ike 5

Ike 5 Ultra-thin font character set

Ike 6

Ike 6 thin font character set

Ike 7

Ike 7 thin font character set

Ike 8

Ike 8 thin font character set

Ike 9

Ike 9 thin font character set

Ike 10

Ike 10 thin font character set

Ike 10 is close in weight, but still lighter than regular Halotique, our popular sans-serif font.

Here is an example of Ike thin 1 at size 450, paradoxically, this gives a good idea of the stroke size when this is used as size 7 or so... You may as well step back from the screen until the size is small enough on the examples above.



The problem in representing small text on the screen, is that pixels are so large, they are indeed quite far from what a good press can do. An approximation of the result would be to print this, and step back until the size of the character corresponds to what is desired.

Interesting enough, such very thin stroke width is more appropriate for very large signs than most standard fonts. Ike can be used to design neon signs, for instance, almosts from direct print.

10 fonts
Price : $3.95, including TrueType and PostScript.

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