Check Writer III+

Check Writer+

Print your checks and the accompanying letter on the same page (voucher).

Check Writer III

Print one or three checks per page, standard size or Wallet (personal), for Windows or Mac.

Fact sheet

I have been asked several times in newsgroups and seen many questions pertaining to the origins of the "@", currently pronounced "at" in English, and called "arobas", or "arobasque" in French. The later seggusts an Arabian origin, maybe the influence of the Arabian culture over Spain. In Andalousia, many people are called "Aroba", by the way.

Whatever the origin of the arabesque around the a, undoubtfully related to the use of the quill, and seen over many other characters in 18th century writing exercises, it means today "something that has to do with Internet". From the IMac to IBM's e-Business, there is so many examples where one could use an arabesque around a letter. Any good calligrapher can do so in a second or two, but it can quite tricky for others. So I devised this font, for all of you who need to write any character surrounded like the famous "@". Uppercase have an arabesque, lowercase are classic italics. So it is easy to compose messages and logos like "@robasque".

Technical requirements

(all versions
3.2 and up) or
Mac OS X
(all versions).

A high resolution printer (300 dpi minimum, 600 dpi and over preferable). offers hundreds of original typefaces and font families organized by categories and names.See full character map, download free fonts samples, purchase online and get the fonts immediately.


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One ornamented italic font

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Complete character set for the Arobasque font

 One font
Price : $1.99, including TrueType and ATM PostScript Type 1 format.

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